Avatar Part II

Somehow the “Avatar” motif fits for Ranger and me. We toss the idea around these days, and get many chuckles out of it.

Ranger: “What if I have an “Avatar?”

Me: “You’d be fine with me, because I see you as much more than that, my friend. I see through all the bluff and bluster to the real you. When you are in “Avatar” mode you skim into another space/time and I can follow along with you. Rather than just being the best dog in the Universe, you also become super-dog, one that can bring your powers to the place we live in reality. You can fix everything, and you can be without any blemish or need to poop.”

Ranger: “Oh….. well, that gives me some paws. Heh heh, get it? The pause comes from having to adjust to an alternate reality. Poop always brings me back to a totally real place. Which reminds me, alternate reality is what we seem to be experiencing since the election last year. If I’m an avatar, what does that make you, provided you also have an avatar?”

Me: “Ha. It makes me powerful beyond my apparent traits. Powerful enough to act like I have no responsibility to tell the truth, to make careful decisions, to allow for human foibles. I am so grateful to have lived long enough to get away from my Supermom avatar persona, or my Super-supervisor persona. That made me a shell of who I really wanted to be. I buried my emotional needs, always made things work, made sure all the homework was done and dinner on the table, always tracked on kids, always deferred to what the family ‘needed’. And at work I was always patient and kind, worked my butt off and kept all the forms signed.”

Ranger: “You told me that Darryl punched a hole in that Avatar balloon. How?”

Me: “He really saw me. He didn’t just see me as a supermom or as a super intellect, or a super anything. He didn’t see me as part of the mechanism that would make his life complete. He really SAW me, my hurt, my needs, my full-on denial of who I was. He loved the me that is me, somehow connected with that real part, and not the persona. He didn’t see me as a supermom or great thinker or poet or photographer for that matter. He didn’t see me as a financial means to a nice retirement end. He didn’t see me as a route to social acceptability. So we connect only at the human level, one person to one person. I had never experienced that before.”

Ranger: “I guess he did that for me too. He saw me as the dog I was really was, the gentle and loving dog I was, and not the avatar superagressive beast I was acting like. I did become that real dog. Look at me now: being that. You agree, right? I’m not anything like that aggressive but scared and untrusting beast he first took in.”

Me: “We all need a Darryl in our lives. I hope I am that for him, as he has been for us. Together we can also see the world more clearly as well. It’s from this place of reality that we can correctly identify the misguided notions that control our society: the consumerism, the obsession with self and accumulated wealth. I know I could not do it alone.”